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Meet the Photographers

Owner & Photographer
Katherine Brackman

    Hi! I'm Katherine; the owner and main photographer of KAngell Photography. I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in South Boston, but love to travel! I picked up my first camera in high school and started fine tuning my work a little over five years ago. I grew up in the stunning state of Maine, and still have a lot of my roots there. 

   I specialize in weddings; shooting all over New England! There is a deep love  within me for telling a story with my photos, thus getting to know each of my couples is important to me.  I want you to feel comfortable and at ease when I am around. My desire is to capture you in your most natural and beautiful form!


Associate Photographer & Husband
Zachary Brackman

        This here is my handsome and talented husband, Zach! He works with me on a number of the weddings I shoot. KAngell Photography wouldn't be where it is if it weren't for Zachary's support and influence behind the scenes. He has a true gift for capturing candid moments, and brings the perfect compliment to my work. You will see him, camera in hand, jumping from shot to shot with his lively personality. He brings a unique style to my work, and is guaranteed to get a few laughs out of you, as well!  

Associate Photographer
Rochelle Gove
    Rochelle Gove works as an associate photographer for KAngell Photography, and is one of Katherine's closest friends. Over the past few years Rochelle has been exploring various types of photography, and has fallen in love with capturing real life moments. Her fun nature and natural gift for photography bring even more life to our team. She has become the perfect addition to KAngell Photography and we are thrilled to have her on board with us!

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